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FY13 Consolidated Application: Process and Procedures for Submission

Each local educational agency (LEA) is required to submit a consolidated application to the Tennessee Department of Education each year in order to receive federal funds. The application supplies information on various federal programs. The application acts as a contract between the LEA and the State. A condition of receiving approval of the Consolidated Application is the completion and approval of the LEA’s District Plan.

SY 2012-13

  1. Each LEA must submit an electronic copy of its application (via ELC) and an original signature page with all required information (paper—cannot be faxed) to its assigned ESEA Consultant in order to receive funds.
  2. Each ESEA Consultant will be responsible for providing technical assistance to his/her assigned LEAs in the development of the programs reflected in the application. The programs contained in the application will reflect the action plans developed and approved in the District Plan.
  3. In addition to the FY13 electronic Consolidated Application files, each LEA must submit a completed Budget Worksheet and preliminary FY13 Budget Spreadsheet to its assigned ESEA consultant.
  4. The assurance pages are an essential part of the application. The signatures on the first page of the application constitute the LEA’s agreement and understanding of the assurances.
  5. LEAs that desire a beginning date of July 1, 2012 for their consolidation project should submit the completed electronic application files, original completed signature page, completed Budget Worksheet, and preliminary Budget Spreadsheet while working with their assigned ESEA Consultant by May, 2012.
  6. The application will be reviewed again by staff members of the Office of Federal Programs as a part of a team reading process. If changes are necessary, the assigned ESEA Consultant will consult with the LEA to make the necessary adjustments to the application.
  7. To obtain final approval, the LEA must receive all green (or blue) fields on the System Status Pages.
  8. After final approval, the Director of Schools will receive written notification from the Executive Director of Federal Programs.
  9. If an application is not approvable, the Department will abide by EDGAR 76.401 by notifying the LEA of the Department's decision and the appeal process available under EDGAR.
  10. When allocations become final, the LEA will receive a grant award signed by the Executive Director of Federal Programs which will indicate the grant awards for all title programs approved in the Consolidated Application.
  11. The final allocations for each LEA under each title program will be posted on FACTS.
  12. When the LEA carryover amounts are finalized, the LEA must revise its preliminary budget so that it reflects the final allocations and any carryover amounts for each title program.
  13. The LEA must submit the revised budget to its assigned ESEA Consultant by October, 2012. The Consultant will conduct budget monitoring using the Budget and Set-Asides Checklist.

FY13 Instructions, Worksheets & Forms

Instructions Files

  • 00-A1download Word file - General Information on Downloading FY13 Consolidated Application Files from the TN ELC site
  • 00-A2download Word file - Directions to Complete the Original FY13 Consolidated Application Files to be Reviewed
  • 00-A3download Word file - General Information on Uploading FY13 Consolidated Application Files to the TN ELC site
  • 00-Bdownload Word file - Consolidated Application Instructions
  • 00-Cdownload Word file - Budget Worksheet Instructions
  • 00-A4-FY12download Word file - Consolidated Application Tips for Consultants and Administrators
  • 06-FY11download Word file - Consolidated Application

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