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Online License Application

The Department of Education is pleased to announce the launch of the Educator License Information (ELI) application. The ELI application allows educators to monitor all information related to their license, apply to add endorsements, apply to renew their licenses and edit personal information through an easy to use online interface. ELI also provides the public the ability to search for educator licensure information.

ELI empowers educators to submit an application electronically in minutes. ELI also allows educators to monitor their qualifications related to licenses, certificates, education, exams, and previous education employment. Another function of this application will allow educators the ability to upload documentation that may be required to complete their transaction.

ATTENTION: You must know your current license number to use this application. If you do not know the license number you may obtain it by following instructions on public search option of the ELI application (will open in a new window) Once you obtain the number you may return to this page to complete the process.



Any individual who currently holds or has ever held a valid Tennessee teaching license can do the following using the online application: ** Note - Be sure to review the appropriate information in the "How to" section of the Office of Teacher Licensing main page regarding requirements related to the type of application being submitted. **

  • View all current data on record with teacher licensing.
  • Change demographic data such as address and phone number
  • Apply for a license renewal
  • Apply for a name change
  • Apply to add an additional endorsement to a valid license

**NOTE - We request that all educators update their personal information to include their phone number(s) and email address as this will become our preferred method of communication if there is an issue with the online license request and notification that your license request has been completed.**

In order to validate your record in the licensing database certain pieces of personal data are required everytime you log into the application. These are:

  • Current license number – issued after January 2007.  If this information is not known, it can be located by searching on the public search option on the ELI site at (will open in a new window)
  • Date of Birth
  • Last 4 digits of the social security number

When scanning a document, save the file as a PDF or TIFF.  You must use one of these formats if you wish to upload any documents during your session.  When applying for a renewal, name change or additional endorsement a list of acceptable documents for upload will be provided. Examples of documents that can be scanned and uploaded are:

  • Verification of experience
  • Program verification- Dean of Education/Certification Officer
  • Renewal Computation sheet
  • Verification (Current industry certificate)
  • Copy of Out of State teacher license.

Not all required documentation should be uploaded, original documents are required in some instances.  In these cases, the documents will still need to be sent to the Office of Teacher Licensing. (Example: Official Transcripts and Praxis II Exams should not be uploaded) *Note - if you upload copies of transcripts, exams and/or any other documents that have been deemed official they will be destroyed)

Once submitted the application will be sent to a consultant in the Office of Teacher Licensing for processing.

** Note - Due to the legal questions that must be addressed upon each request, no one other than the educator is allowed to use this application to make changes to a license. This includes officials of local school systems and colleges/universities**

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