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Voluntary Pre-K Enrollment Eligibility Requirements 2013-14

Student Eligibility

Enrollment in the Voluntary Pre-K program is based upon a child’s eligibility as identified in TCA 49-6-101─104. The pre-k state statute specifies that each LEA is authorized to and may enroll any at-risk child who is 4 years old by Aug. 31 of the current school year and resides in the geographic area served by the LEA, with first priority given to those children who are deemed “economically disadvantaged”.  If a school system accurately identified the number of unserved at-risk children in the school district, every effort should be made to fill these classrooms with this group of children leaving no room for non-at-risk children.

Enrollment Priority Requirements:

1st Requirement (Tier 1) - Pursuant to state law 49-6-101: students identified as economically disadvantaged. This identification is based on income levels set by Department of Health and Human Services and used during the application process to determine income eligibility for enrollment.

2nd Requirement (Tier 2) - students with disabilities, students identified as ELL, in state custody, or those identified as educationally at-risk for failure due to circumstances of abuse or neglect.

3rd Requirement (Tier 3) - If an insufficient number of children meeting the above enrollment requirements are enrolled to fill a specific classroom, the LEA may enroll any child that meets the age requirement and the requirements set forth by the Community Pre-K Advisory Council (C-PAC). These students are considered unserved or underserved and may be enrolled by the process established by the C-PAC.