Asbestos Inspections

Under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, the U.S. EPA requires each elementary and secondary school to perform an inspection for asbestos-containing building materials and to prepare management plans to prevent or reduce asbestos hazards.

Public school districts and non-profit private schools are subject to these requirements. This includes charter schools and schools affiliated with religious institutions.

The AHERA regulations further require a Surveillance Report every six months and a Comprehensive Reinspection every three years. The Reinspection period provides an excellent opportunity for schools to re-evaluate and update their programs for managing asbestos. Copies of the reports are to be sent to:

Tennessee Department of Education

710 James Robertson Pkwy.

9th Floor; Andrew Johnson Tower

Nashville, TN 37243

Toxic Substance Program, Tennessee Environment and Conservation, conducts compliance monitoring inspections at LEAs throughout the state. To find out more information about the federal AHERA program, enacted in 1986, and the EPA Health School Environment Program view the EPA Healthy School Environment website.

Asbestos Accreditation Program

Rule Chapter 1200-01-20 Asbestos Accreditation Requirements became effective June 23, 2009 in Tennessee for training providers, training courses, firms and asbestos professionals.

Search the database of accredited training providers, firms and asbestos professionals in Tennessee.

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