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Data Quality and Integrity

The Office of Data Quality and Integrity replaces the Office of School Approval and works to provide support to districts in reporting and maintaining accurate data. This change took place in November 2012.

2013-14 Extended Learning Program Manual

Correlation of Course Codes/Endorsements

200 Day Accountability Reporting

200 Day Accountability - Inservice Guidelines

2013-14 Approved Special Coursesdownload Excel file

Duplicate Diploma Request Formdownload pdf file(31k)

School Approval Form (Revised March 2014) download Word filedownload pdf file


Special Course Applications

Initial Applicationdownload Word file

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  • Responsibilities
  • Goals
  • Specific Areas
The Office of Data Quality and Integrity will focus on ensuring that accurate data is entered into state data systems (EIS) and correct business rules are applied to ensure proper compliance with state laws and State Board of Education rules and regulations. Furthermore, the office will manage our efforts to maintain secure data Tennessee students and teachers

The goals of the Office of Data Quality and Integrity are:

  • To provide support to district and school level personnel so that accurate data enters the Education Information System (EIS) using EIS reporting.
  • To inform district level personnel of district  compliance with state laws and State School Board rules pertaining to class size, employment standards, and district and school calendars
  • To ensure that foundational data elements- district and school directory information and course codes- are adequately maintained.

Compliance with the following:

  • Class-size standards
  • Employment standards
  • Employment standards waivers
  • Teacher licensure
  • State laws
  • State Board of Education rules and regulations
  • Administrative policy

In addition to the above compliance areas, School Approval personnel respond to all requests for information concerning school approval and interface with the Education Information System in compliance standards for school approval.