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Statement of Purpose Sample





The School Board (or Board of Trustees) of ____________________________________

authorizes the establishment of "The ________________________ Occupational Advisory

Committee" on this______________day of_______________________  20[year].


The function of the _______________________________occupational advisory committee

is to provide advice and counsel to the instructional and administrative staff of

the_____________________ program and to its students. It is not given authority for policy

decisions, and it is expected to operate within the guidelines set forth.


The purpose of the ________________________________ general/ occupational

advisory committee is to contribute to the improvement of _________________________in

education __________________________________________through such functions as:
                                    Name of School/or System                      

  • verifying the need for instruction in the occupation;
  • providing input on curriculum, equipment, and facilities that is both current and relevant to community needs;
  • assisting with career guidance and student placement; and
  • promoting community public relations.

The School Board (or Board of Trustees) pledges cooperation with the committee's work. It reserves the right to dissolve the __________________________________ general/occupational advisory committee at any time and for any reason. The term of the committee will be continuing unless terminated by the School Board (or Board of Trustees); ________________, Chairperson; ___________________,Superintendent (or Principal, Dean, Director, or other appropriate school official).