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Advanced Manufacturing

About Advanced Manufacturing

All careers in Advanced Manufacturing require you to have a strong mechanical ability, specialized skills, communication skills and computation skills. You will be required to apply problem solving, make decisions, and work in a team environment. Preparation for careers in Advanced Manufacturing must begin in the elementary grades and continue through high school allowing students to gain experience in applied, realtime manufacturing situations. Students will also find it advantageous to participate in a postsecondary program that will expand some skills in specific jobs that meet the requirements of the employer.

As technology advances, each worker has the opportunity to produce more, so fewer workers are needed. However, there are excellent opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing where technology and career pathways provide for satisfying careers.

Consultant: Bethany Wilkes, Ph.D

2014-15 Offerings

Program of Study

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Machining Technology

Principles of Manufacturing

Principles of Machining I

Principles of Machining II

Manufacturing Applications

Electromechanical Technology

Principles of Manufacturing

Introduction to Electromechanical

Electromechanical I

Electromechanical II


Principles of Manufacturing

Digital Electronics

Mechatronics I1

Mechatronics II1

1 Local dual credit and/or dual enrollment opportunities exist for this course.

Available courses for elective credit in this cluster: Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses aligned to Manufacturing and Robotics & Automated Systems


CTE Standards Reform: Phase II Resources for 2014-15