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Social Studies: Official Reviews - Section IV

Adoption Year 2012-2014

Per state law, local districts are responsible for the adoption of curriculum. The State Textbook Commission seeks to provide local school systems with a broad range of flexibility by a range of books that meet the content standards on the official list.

The books on the official list have gone through a multi-stage review process at the state level:

  • The books were reviewed by State Review Committees comprised of Tennessee teachers. The chief goal of the review is to ensure the textbooks align with the state standards. The reviewer comments are posted in the table below.
  • Members of the public were given an opportunity to review the textbooks and submit comments. The public comments are posted below.
  • Comments from both the review committees and the public were submitted to the State Textbook Commission and publishers.
  • Publishers addressed the comments in a written response to the Commission and publishers had the opportunity to present their response orally to the Commission and the representatives from the state review committees.
  • After reviewing the feedback from the review committees, the public, and hearing testimony from some of the publishers and members of the public, the Commission approved a final list of textbooks to recommend to the State Board of Education for approval on Oct. 23, 2013.
  • The State Board of Education approved the final list on Oct. 25, 2013.

Once the State Board of Education approves the list of textbooks, school districts may choose to adopt a book from the state approved list or apply for a waiver to use a different text.

Local boards of education are expected to select teachers and instructional supervisors in their district to serve on local review committees. These committees review the textbooks on the state approved list and may also review textbooks that are not on the list. Local boards of education may use the reviews completed by these committees to inform which textbooks to adopt. Districts are also encourage to provide a public review process on proposed textbooks and instructional materials from community members to guide their decision on which textbooks to adopt.

The selection of a textbook is exclusively the responsibility of the local district. Each community has the opportunity to review the content of the books to ensure that the content reflects the values of the local community.


All publishers were instructed to send to reviewers all the components of their programs bid for sale and all components to be provided on a free per teacher ratio. Because some programs in this category may have still been under development at the time of the state review, special attention should be paid to the list of components reviewed in section VI of each review. It is the responsibility of local adoption committee members to evaluate those components to which the state review committee had no access.

The information provided from the review process is intended to assist local adoption committees, not to replace them. These programs were reviewed by Tennessee teachers using Tennessee standards and considering the needs of Tennessee classrooms. We make no claims regarding the suitability of any of these programs for classrooms outside Tennessee.

Public Comments

The state also sought input from the public through access to hard-copy materials at 10 collection sites and through online access provided by the publishers.  The department announces when the textbooks are available for public review at the collection sites during the state textbook review and approval process. The public can view textbooks at the same time as the state review committees are analyzing them, prior to the approval of the books. The public can submit feedback on the books and their input is sent to the publishers and the Textbook Commission for their consideration during the approval process. The public can continue to view and submit feedback on the approved textbooks at the 10 district collection sites year-round. The commission is exploring moving the submission process online to ease public access in the future.

Comments have not been edited except for the redaction of personal/sensitive information.

State Advisory Committees Reviews

The Textbook Commission appoints advisory panels/ review committees, consisting of expert teachers from across the state in the appropriate grade level and subject area to review the textbooks. The Commission uses the feedback from these reviewers and the public to guide their decision of which books to recommend for approval to the State Board of Education. Textbook publishers must send written responses and may present oral responses to feedback from reviewers at hearings before the State Textbook Commission and a representative from each of the state review committees.

Social Studies & History Grade Levels Bid Category Subject Book Titles & Ancillary Items*download pdf file Committee
Reviews download pdf file
Elementary K-5 41-010-00 Kindergarten - The World Around Us View View
41-010-10 First Grade- Tennessee’s Place in America View View
41-010-20 Second Grade- Life in the United States View View
41-010-30 Third Grade- World Geography and History View View
41-010-40 Fourth Grade- The History of America (to 1850) View View
41-010-50 Fifth Grade- The History of America (from 1850) View View
Middle School 42-020-10 Sixth Grade- World History and Geography: Early Civilizations through the Decline of the Roman Empire (5th century C.E.) View View
42-030-10 Seventh Grade- World History and Geography: The Middle Ages to the Exploration of the Americas View View
42-040-30 Eighth Grade- Colonization of North America to Reconstruction and the American West View View
Grades 9-12 43-050-10 African American History View No reviews were conducted for this area.

43-060-10 Ancient History View No reviews were conducted for this area.

43-070-10 Anthropology No bids received for this area. No reviews were conducted for this area.
43-080-10 Contemporary Issues No bids received for this area. No reviews were conducted for this area.

43-090-10 Economics View View
43-100-10 Psychology View View
43-110-10 Sociology View View
43-120-10 United States Government and Civics View View
43-130-10 United States History and Geography: Post-Reconstruction to the Present View View
43-140-10 World Geography View View
43-150-10 World History and Geography: The Industrial Revolution to the Contemporary World View View
43-160-10 Personal Finance View View
 (Curriculum Guide Provided)
No bids received for this area. No reviews were conducted for this area.

AP Courses 44-010-10 AP U. S. History View View
44-020-10 AP European History View View
44-030-10 AP Microeconomics View View
44-040-10 AP Macroeconomics View View
44-050-10 AP Government and Politics United States View View
44-060-10 AP Government and Politics Comparative View View
44-070-10 AP Psychology View View
44-080-10 AP World Geography No bids received for this area.

No reviews were conducted for this area.

44-090-10 AP Human Geography View View
44-100-10 AP World History View View

* As of Oct. 30, 2013