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Last Update: 04/24/2013

Official Reviews - Section VI

Driver Education


The long-standing philosophy of the State Textbook Commission has been to provide local school systems with a broad range of flexibility by including all suitable books on the official list. The information provided from the review process is, therefore, intended to assist local adoption committees, not to replace them.

These programs were reviewed by Tennessee teachers using Tennessee standards and considering the needs of Tennessee classrooms. We make no claims regarding the suitability of any of these programs for classrooms outside Tennessee.

All publishers were instructed to send to reviewers all the components of their programs bid for sale and all components to be provided on a free per teacher ratio. Because some programs in this category may have still been under development at the time of the state review, special attention should be paid to the list of components reviewed in section VI of each review. It is the responsibility of local adoption committee members to evaluate those components to which the state review committee had no access.

Driver Education
Category Course/Subject Book Titles & Ancillary Items Reviews
6400000 Driver Education

Formal reviews were not conducted for the Driver Education programs. It is, therefore, incumbent upon local adoption committees to thoroughly and carefully examine these programs as you select materials for use in your classrooms.

Governor Bill Haslam