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Financial Summaries

Total Receipts From State $3,834,164,522
Total Receipts From Federal Government 1,094,294,628
Total Receipts From County and City or Special District 2,855,544,488
Total Other Revenue Receipts 331,928,670
Total Revenue Receipts $8,115,932,308
Total Non-Revenue Receipts 584,146,863
Grand Total Receipts From All Sources $8,700,079,171
Instruction $4,720,404,887
Support Services – Student 312,678,242
Support Services – Instructional Staff 503,484,777
Support Services – Administration $664,423,463
Support Services-Operations & Maintenance of Plant 696,013,190
Other Current Expenditures 816,393,587
Total Current Expenditures $7,713,398,146
Community Services 68,689,115
Early Childhood Education 80,351,422
Capital Outlay 68,388,543
Debt Services Operating Transfers 362,519,932
Capital Projects  358,822,940
Grand Total of All Expenditures $8,652,170,098
Total Operating Expenditures* $7,849,988,596
Operating Expenditures Per PUPIL ADA* $8,773

*Operating Expenditures Per Pupil ADA includes: Current Expenditures Per LEA Financial Report (excluding Student Body Education and Adult Education); U.S.D.A. Commodity Value; and State Level Program and Administrative Expenses.