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How do I apply for a job with the State of Tennessee?

The first step in the Preferred Service employment process is to determine the job for which you wish to apply using one of the search options below.

  • Vacancies - A listing of Preferred Service jobs open to all qualified applicants. Click on any job title to view job details and access the link to "Apply" online for the job.
  • Promotional Vacancies - A listing of promotional opportunities open only to Tennessee State employees.
  • County Vacancies - A listing of job openings by county location.

How do I submit my application online?

Follow the steps outlined above to identify the job for which you wish to apply and view the posting for the job. Then click on the "Apply" link to access the login page for the online employment application. You will need to set up an online account before you can log in and begin completing your application. You will need to complete your personal profile, as well as your complete education and employment history. Regardless of whether or not you have previously submitted this information in an application to the Department of Human Resources, you must provide all of your education and work experience history in your online application.

What happens after I submit my application?

For each job you apply for, your application will be evaluated to determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications (e.g., education, experience) required for the job. You will be notified of your eligibility within a few weeks following the submission of your application (or approximately one to two weeks after the closing deadline for application). If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be sent a notice inviting you to participate in the first round interview. If you fail to complete the first round interview, you will not progress in the interview process.

How to complete your 1st Round Interview?

After you open the 1st Round Interview email invitation, locate the interview link. There are several ways to access the 1st Round Interview Questions. You can click on the link from the interview letter, copy and paste the link into the web address bar at the top of the webpage, or type the web link exactly as it appears in the letter to the web address bar at the top of the webpage. Click here to read more information.

Contact Us

For questions about the status of an employment application you submitted:

Call the Recruiting Management Services at (615) 741-4841

For questions about the Preferred Service employment process:

(615) 741-0441 or send an email to

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