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Human Resources Divisions

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  • Classification/Compensation

    The division serves as a consultant with state agencies to determine appropriate strategies and solutions in meeting departmental classification and compensation objectives. The responsibility of training agency employees in the process of developing job analysis, the writing of job specifications and choosing knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies (KSACs) for positions fall under this division. The Division of Classification/Compensation is also responsible for maintaining job classifications according to state and federal guidelines and changing job requirements, reviewing and maintaining salary and benefits data and using this data to assist in making recommendations for salary administration policies and for adjustments in the state´s compensation structure. For more information, call 615-741-5561.
  • Commissioner´s Office

    The Commissioner´s Office is responsible for the overall administration of the department and the statutes governing all employees in the state service, as well as the development and implementation of best practice policies and procedures for human resources within state government.
  • Employee Relations

    The division advises state employees, supervisors, managers, human resource officers and state executives regarding state laws, rules, policies and practices. This includes providing information regarding appeals, reductions in force, and other human resource functions, as well as reviewing certain employee transactions related to separations, appeals and court orders. In addition, the division administers the state´s Performance Management Program, the State Employee Sick Leave Bank and the Employee Service Award Program. For more information, call 615-741-1646.
  • Fiscal Services

    The Fiscal Services Division is responsible for the Department of Human Resources´ budget preparation and implementation, procurement, facilities management and messenger services.
  • Office of the General Counsel

    The Office of the General Counsel oversees all legal issues within the Department of Human Resources, offering counsel and advice to state agencies and individuals on employment law matters. The Office of the General Counsel provides assistance to agencies in the areas of workplace discrimination, harassment and investigations as well as partnering to ensure compliance with federal and state laws. In addition, the office oversees all departmental legislative affairs, the mediation program, employee relations, and the review of certain statewide employee transactions. The Office of the General Counsel administers oversight of all departmental public records requests and houses the Ethics Compliance Officer for the Department of Human Resources. The Civil Service Commission, transitioning to the Board of Appeals, and its responsibilities, along with the Division of Employee Relations, fall under the Office of the General Counsel.
  • Organizational Performance

    Organizational performance involves the recurring activities necessary to establish organizational goals, monitor progress and make adjustments to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently. This includes the implementation of the Department´s talent management initiative and overseeing the professional development of DOHR´s employees, helping divisions develop and monitor outcome based performance measures, LEAN initiatives, and promoting organizational excellence in every program and process. Human resources, strategic and continuity of operations planning, the State Employee Suggestion Program, the Tennessee Charitable Campaign and coordination of statewide Emergency Workforce Management Planning are programmatic areas housed in this office. For more information, call 615-532-3224.
  • Recruiting Management Services

    The Recruiting Management Services Division is responsible for posting vacancies in the preferred service and collecting and reviewing all applications for such vacancies in order for state government agencies to have the most qualified candidates to fill positions. Most jobs with the state are covered by the preferred service, in which there are approximately 1,300 different job classifications. The division also provides information to applicants regarding employment and promotional opportunities. For most classifications, applications are accepted only during announced opening and closing dates (as posted on the Department of Human Resources Employment Information website). For additional information, please call 615-741-4841.
  • Strategic Learning Solutions

    The Strategic Learning Solutions Division (SLS) serves as a valuable resource that supports agency leaders as they seek to equip staff with competencies that are critical to success in a changing environment and promote top performance. SLS collaborates with agency executives to conduct comprehensive needs assessments, producing a gap analysis that identifies learning and development needs. SLS customizes learning opportunities that maximize employee potential and develops targeted results to achieve strategic business goals and objectives.
    The mission of SLS is to consult and collaborate with agency leaders to create a customized organizational learning and development plan to sustain a high performing workforce. This learning and development plan includes all of their leadership, talent, performance and professional development needs. SLS has statewide responsibility to design and provide learning and development workshops that create a unified approach for employee success in the public sector. For more information, call 615-741-4126.
  • Systems

    This division is responsible for all the information systems support for the Department of Human Resources in both mainframe and local/wide network (LAN/WAN) environments. The division provides analysis for the development and maintenance of mainframe systems, and supports the internal, as well as statewide users, of this system. The division also provides support and management for all LAN/WAN services and applications. For more information, call 615-532-2277.
  • Technical Services

    The Division of Technical Services performs a variety of complex duties and responsibilities vital to the ongoing efficiency of state government operations. One of the main responsibilities of this division is reviewing employee transactions statewide to ensure compliance with appropriate laws, rules and policies. The Technical Services Division provides assistance to state agencies regarding policies and procedures for attendance and leave, preferred service lists, employee personnel transactions, TCRS service credit and certain payroll issues. The division is also responsible for maintaining records of former state employees, maintaining applicant records, verifying employment, maintaining the reduction in force layoff list and many other specialized duties crucial to the efficient performance of state government. For more information, call 615-253-7489.

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Related Boards and Commissions

  • State Employee Sick Leave Bank Board of Trustee

    The Sick Leave Bank Board of Trustees is comprised of seven board members to include the Commissioner of Human Resources, the Commissioner of Finance and Administration, the State Treasurer, and the Executive Director of the Fiscal Review Committee. In addition, there are three (3) board members selected by the membership of the Tennessee State Employees Association at their annual legislative convention. The Board is charged with governing the activities of the Sick Leave Bank to include establishing the criteria for distributing sick leave from the bank, hearing appeals of denials of requests for sick leave, and prescribing the form and manner of participation in the bank as provided by Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 8-50-901 - 8-50-909. The Department of Human Resources coordinates board meetings.