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TennCare, Bureau of

310 Great Circle Dr.
Nashville, TN, 37243

Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR)

226 Capitol Blvd. Bldg., Suite 508
Nashville, TN, 37243

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)

901 R.S. Gass Blvd.
Nashville, TN, 37216

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA)

3041 Sidco Dr.
Nashville, TN, 37204

Tennessee Higher Education Commission

404 James Robertson Pkwy., Suite 1900
Nashville, TN, 37243

Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP)

1150 Foster Avenue
Nashville, TN, 37243

Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA)

502 Deaderick Street, 4th Floor
Nashville, TN, 37243-0505

Tennessee State Museum

5th and Deaderick
Nashville, TN, 37243

Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC)

404 James Robertson Pkwy., Suite 1510
Nashville, TN, 37243

Tourist Development, Dept. of

312 8th Avenue North, 13th Floor
Nashville, TN, 37243

Transportation, Dept. of

505 Deaderick Street, Suite 700
Nashville, TN, 37243

Treasury, Dept. of (State Treasurer)

State Capitol
Nashville, TN, 37243


240 Great Circle Road, Suite 310
Nashville, TN, 37228