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Community Corrections Program

Providing an Alternative to Incarceration for the Tennessee Criminal Justice and Court System

The Community Corrections Program was created to divert felony offenders from the Tennessee prison system and to provide necessary supervision and services to the offenders. The goal of the program is to reduce the probability of continued criminal behavior while maintaining the safety of the community.


In 1985, the State of Tennessee special legislative session created the Community Corrections program to reduce prison overcrowding. Community Corrections offers local courts increased options, assists victims, provides public service to local governments and is cost effective.


Through the Community Corrections Program, taxpayers avoid paying the high costs of jail or prison for non-violent offenders. Average costs for Community Corrections are substantially less than costs for incarceration. The felony offenders in the program also pay supervision and community corrections fees to assist in funding the costs of the program.


Community Corrections is the last alternative to incarceration. Most offenders in Community Corrections could easily be incarcerated for their various crimes. However, due to different factors such as age, type of crimes, prior arrest history and their potential for rehabilitation, these offenders are given one last chance before incarceration.

Local Contacts


There are 19 programs operating in Tennessee: six non-profit agencies, six human resource agencies and seven county programs. Within the 19 programs, there are three residential programs (two for men and one for women) and three day reporting centers. For more information about Community Correction programs in your area, please contact a local office, or use the "Contact" button at the bottom of the page. To find a local office serving your area, either visit our listings by county or our directory of agencies.

Grant Applications


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Community Corrections Program Standards


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