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Consumer Affairs Division


Health Club Tips


Weigh Your Options

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when reviewing health club options.


  • Make sure the health club you want to join is registered. All for-profit health clubs are required to be registered with the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs and must display a certificate of registration. If in doubt, visit the registered health clubs page.
  • Call the Division of Consumer Affairs to ask if there have been complaints filed against the health club in which you are interested.
  • Be aware that you have three days to cancel a health club contract and receive a full refund of monies invested. You are required to notify the health club by certified mail if you decide to cancel.
  • Avoid long-term contracts if possible. You are responsible for paying the entire cost of the full-term membership, even if you decide to drop out after a few visits. See if the club offers a month-to-month contract or a trial membership period to give you time to determine if you really want to join.
  • Avoid paying in advance for long-term memberships. Regardless of the length of your contract, try to pay monthly. You may have to pay a slightly higher rate this way, but if the club closes you will lose less money.
  • Any initial membership contract offer longer than three years is not permitted in this state. Discounted offers are limited by law.
  • Be certain that everything discussed is written into the contract. Don't be pressured into signing a contract you have not read. Keep a copy of the contract and be alert when facing high-pressure sales tactics. Make sure you know of any penalties associated with a cancelled contract.


If you have questions you may contact us at or you may call us at (800) 342-8385 for more information or to see if any complaints have been filed.