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Consumer Affairs Division

Price Gouging Online Complaint Form


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On-Line Consumer Complaint Form

Thank you for reporting this problem to the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs.  Although this office does not represent individual consumers, it may attempt to mediate your complaint.


DIRECTIONS - To file your complaint, please fill out all sections of the form below. Provide as much information as possible. Select the Submit button at the end to forward the information to us. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


Please be advised if you file a complaint or inquiry, the information you provide will be treated as public record.  This means anyone who requests to see it may be able to do so.


SUMMARY OF LAW - Tennessee’s price gouging laws make it unlawful for individuals and businesses to charge unreasonable prices for essential goods and services including gasoline, food, ice, other fuel, generators, lodging, storage space, and other necessities during an emergency regardless of whether that emergency occurred in Tennessee or elsewhere.


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By submitting your complaint you authorize the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs to send a copy of your complaint to the business
and understand this complaint may be used in legal proceedings brought under the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.


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If you hire an attorney and/or file a private lawsuit, you have a limited time to sue under the Consumer Protection Act.
You have one (1) year from the time you found out about the deceptive act or practice, and no more than five (5) years
from the time the deceptive act or practice occurrred. Consult a private attorney regarding your legal rights.


Once all fields are filled in, click on the submit button below.





All complaints submitted to the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs are subject to the Public Records Act, T. C. A. Title 10, Chapter 7.



For Assistance:


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