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Bulletins and Notices


This document will be updated as new bulletins and notices are issued.

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Consumer Affairs Division: CON

Unofficial Bulletins are marked as such by placing the word (Unofficial) before the Bulletin Title.

Bulletins are listed by Date and Division.  Bulletins are identified using the following format:  YYYY-##-ID:  where YYYY is the year in which the Bulletin was issued, the ## is a two-digit number listing that is consecutively assigned across all Divisions and are restarted at the beginning of each new calendar year and the ID is the Division ID code (from the list above).  Bulletins without a known issued date are listed as “0000” in the year field of the ID and as “Unknown” in the date field.

Bulletins are hyperlinked to the actual copy of the Bulletin on the TN.GOV website, unless unavailable.  If the hyperlink is not active, you must contact the Division or Board to obtain a copy of the Notice or Bulletin.

You can also find the policy by Title or ID using the search function above.


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Consumer Affairs

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Beware of Mortgage Settlement Scams