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Training Division

Training Division
404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1513
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0850
Phone: (615) 253-3976
Fax: (615) 253-3915

The Training Division of the Board of Parole is focused on the implementation of regional/district in-service training programs to ensure that staff is well prepared and able to effectively perform duties as assigned.

The BOP Training Division recognizes that state employees are the greatest potential asset to their agency and government. The development of each employee and the creation of an organizational culture for full utilization of employee talents are high priorities.

Training may be defined as an experience, a discipline, or a regimen that causes people to acquire new predetermined behaviors. The dedicated staff goals are to:

  • Offer a comprehensive training curriculum that addresses training needs
  • and identifying and increases the knowledge level of staff on all policies and
  • procedures, as put forth in the division's annual training plan for staff
  • development
  • Empower employees by focusing on employee participation, involvement
  • and input
  • Promote learning opportunities in a diverse work environment, from
  • audio-conferencing to satellite video-conferencing, always adhering to policy
  • and procedure, ethics and standards
  • Create a positive learning environment that meets the needs of the 21st
  • century workforce and achieves the goals and objectives of the agency's
  • Mission Statement
  • Consult with colleges, universities, technical institutes, correctional
  • academies, local, federal and state law enforcement agencies for out-service
  • training needs