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Board Operations:
The Division of Board Operations is responsible for scheduling timely parole hearings; providing information and materials needed for the Board to make parole decisions; issuing parole and determinate release certificates; maintaining offender hearing files; providing victim liaison services; requesting psychological evaluations; and processing executive clemency applications.

Community Correction:
Community Corrections Programs were created to divert felony offenders from the Tennessee prison system and to provide necessary supervision and services to the offenders with the goal of reducing the probability of continued criminal behavior while maintaining the safety of the community.

Field Services: 
It is the purpose of the division of Field Services to facilitate the reintegration of probationers and parolees into the community, thereby minimizing the risk to public safety and promoting lawful behavior. Once an offender is released to the supervision of Field Services, he / she is supervised by an officer in order to ensure that the offender maintains a residence and employment. The officer also monitors the offender through the use of drug tests and community resources. It is the goal of the Division of Field Services to involve the community as much as possible in the supervision of an offender in order to ensure that the offender is monitored closely and that any violation is noted and acted upon quickly. Therefore, the Director of Field Services, in conjunction with the efforts of local Regional and District Directors, has established safety collaboratives with many community organizations, such as law enforcement, treatment services, and merchants associations. By utilizing all possible resources, the Division of Field Services is able to provide not only the supervision needed to promote public safety, but also the support needed by the offender to promote success.

Fiscal Services: 
Fiscal Services supports BOPP by providing accurate information and services in the areas of general accounting, offender fee accounting, purchasing and equipment leasing, contract management, facility leasing and monitoring, state property management and miscellaneous administrative services. The division's staff members hold themselves to high accountability standards for the use of state resources, including compliance with all applicable rules and regulations pertaining to their work.

Hearing Officers:

The Hearing Officer Division functions as a supporting element to the Board in carrying out it's statutory mandate to conduct parole grant and revocation hearings. In their capacity as fact finders, Hearing Officers function as an extension of the Board in accordance with TCA 40-28-105. Parole Hearing Officers are appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Probation and Parole and are empowered to conduct parole grant hearings and revocation hearings in detention facilities throughout the state. The end product is to provide Board Members with  non-binding recommendation regarding parole decisions. 

Information Systems:
The Board of Probation and Parole’s Information Systems Division provides Systems and Technical support to Probation and Parole offices throughout the state, while serving as a key resource for senior mangers and end users alike. The Division provides timely and efficient service to the agency while helping to create a shared systems learning environment. The efforts of the Division are a direct reflection of the agency’s business strategy. To support the Agency’s strategic plan, an Information Systems Plan (ISP) is created to address the long-range business and technology strategies of the Board of Probation and Parole. In essence, the Information Systems Division while supporting the day-to-day automation requirements of the Agency, is also charged with long range planning and development of systems that support the business of Probation and Parole.

Research, Policy, and Planning:
Research, Policy, and Planning Division staff conduct policy development, management and statistical reporting, analysis, compliance assessment, grants management, and research activities to assist the Board’s operational and policy activities.

The Training Division provides regional based training programs for all Board of Probation and Parole staff.