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  • December 19, 2014

    Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery and Bill Giannini, the acting Director of the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), along with the attorneys general of the other 49 States, the District of Columbia, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission, today reached settlements with T-Mobile USA, Inc. The settlements include at least $90 million in payments and resolve allegations that T-Mobile placed charges for third-party services on consumers' mobile telephone bills that were not authorized by the consumer. This practice is known as "mobile cramming."

    Consumers who have been "crammed" often incurred charges, typically $9.99 per month, for "premium" text message subscription services (PSMS) such as horoscopes, trivia, and sports scores that the consumers have never heard of or requested. The Attorneys General and federal regulators allege cramming occurred when T-Mobile placed charges from third-parties on consumers' mobile telephone bills without the consumer's knowledge or the T-Mobile release.

    December 8, 2014

    Tennessee residents who lost their homes to foreclosure with Ocwen Loan Servicing will receive a check this month for approximately $1,100 as a part of the National Ocwen Settlement. The payments will total $2.6 million for Tennessee.

    The agreement with Ocwen settled state and national findings that Ocwen engaged in servicing abuses during the height of the housing crisis, resulting in unnecessary and illegal foreclosures. Ocwen is one of the nation's largest loan the Ocwen release.

    December 4, 2014

    Attorney General Herbert Slatery on behalf of Bill Giannini, the acting Director of the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), along with the attorneys general of 44 states and the District of Columbia, announced today that Sirius XM Radio Inc. of New York has agreed to pay $3.8 million to the states and provide restitution to eligible consumers to resolve claims that the satellite radio company engaged in misleading advertising and billing practices. Tennessee will receive $233,000.

    Consumers who have not previously filed a complaint with their attorney general or state complaint handling entity such as DCA for the practices covered by this settlement have until May 3, 2015 to file a complaint to be considered for the Sirius XM release.

    November 24, 2014

    Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery today announced that Bill Young will rejoin the Office as associate chief deputy. Young, a former solicitor general with the Office, will supervise special projects, oversee legislative matters, coordinate multistate initiatives with the National Association of Attorneys General, and assist with the daily operations of the office.

    "I have had the privilege of working closely with Bill on a number of matters over the past few years. He is well-known and well-respected and I am pleased he is returning to the office," Attorney General Slatery said. "His experience in the public sector, in particular the relationships that he has forged with members of all three branches of state government, along with his high level private sector experience and his knowledge of the Attorney General's Office, makes him uniquely qualified for this important leadership position," Slatery the release.

    October 23, 2014

    Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery today announced that Andrée Sophia Blumstein will join the office as solicitor general. Mrs. Blumstein will oversee appellate litigation in state and federal courts, review written opinions, and advise the attorney general.

    "I could not be more pleased that Andrée has accepted this important appointment," Attorney General Slatery said. "The office of solicitor general has had a long history of excellent legal work. Andrée will enhance that. Her extensive trial and appellate experience and her academic credentials are surpassed only by the type of person she is and the respect she already enjoys in the legal community," Slatery the release.

Press Releases