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Trichomoniasis (Trich) in Cattle

Mare and Colt in FieldTrichomoniasis ("Trich") is a venereal disease of cattle caused by the protozoan Tritrichomonas foetus, which is transmitted from cow to cow by infected bulls. This disease reduce calf production by decreasing fertility and inducing abortions.

While heifers usually rid themselves of Trichomoniasis in three to six months, bulls carry the infection for life without showing any symptoms. With no medically approved cures available, detection and control of infected bulls is key to containing the disease.

All breeding bulls entering Tennessee must now be accompanied with a certificate of veterinary inspection and be thoroughly tested for Trichomoniasis. Exceptions can be given for bulls entering the state for exhibitions or rodeos, provided that the bulls do not commingle with other cows. Trichomoniasis in cattle is also known as Trichomonosis.

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