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Tennessee Voluntary Johnes Disease Program

Johnes Disease Infected CowJohne's disease (bovine paratuberculosis) is a chronic intestinal disease primarily affecting ruminant animals  caused by Mycobacterium paratuberculosis.

Transmission is primarily through infected feces, though it may also be transmitted in-utero and through infected colostrum and milk.  Symptoms include chronic diarrhea and wasting. Animals become unproductive and subject to culling.

The Tennessee Voluntary Johne's Disease Program seeks to prevent spread of the disease through education, safe trade practices and effective control and prevention measures. Best management practices are custom tailored to individual producers based upon a site visit by state or federal veterinarians or certified private practice veterinarians. During these site visits, certified veterinarians perform risk assessments for Johne's Disease and develop management plans to best control and prevent Johne's Disease on your farm.

To enroll in the Tennessee Voluntary Johne's Disease Program, contact TDA at 615-837-5120.