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Downloadable Forms

Animal Health

Application for Livestock Dealer License
Application for Livestock Market License
Application for Baby Chick Sale License
Brand Registration Application
Livestock Market Slaughter Swine Form


Certificate of Surety Bond for WDO, General Pest and Rodent, Bird, and Fumigation Structural
Certificate of Surety Bond for all other categories.
Application: Pest Control Applicator License and Charter (companies a-k)
Application: Pest Control Applicator License and Charter (companies l-z)
Application to Take License Exam
Application to Take Certification Exam
UT Order Form for Study Materials
Application for the Registration of Pesticides in Tennessee
How to Complete the Product Registration Application
Application for Duplicate or Replacement Certification Card
Application for Reciprocity in the State of Tennessee
Pesticide Investigation Request Form and its separate Instruction Sheet
Application for Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License
Application for Aerial Applicator License
Aerial Applicator Verification Form
How to Obtain an Aerial Applicator License and Aircraft Decal
Application For Points
Roster Form

Feed, Seed and Fertilizer

Application for a Commercial Feed Facility License
Public Grain Warehouse License
Grain Dealer License (Class 1 or 2)
Incidental Grain Dealer
Feed Tonnage Report
Tennessee County Codes
Quarterly Fertilizer Tonnage Report
Application to Register Fertilizers
Application for Seed License
Quarterly Report of Agricultural and Vegetable Seed Sold
Rules on Agricultural Liming Materials
License Application for Manufacturers of Commercial Lime
TN Agricultural Liming Materials Act
Annual Agricultural Liming Material Tonnage Report

Plant Certification

Application: Landscaper Certificate
Application: Plant Dealer Certificate
Application: Florist Certificate
Application: Native Wild Plant
Application: Nursery Certificate
Application: Hobbyist Nursery Certificate
Application: Greenhouse Certificate
Application: Hobbyist Greenhouse Certificate

Food and Dairy

Summary of Food Types

Manufacturing Within Existing Establishment
Basic Requirements
Plan Review Questionnaire
Better Process School for Acidified Food Memo
Sample Application Form

Manufacturing/Warehouse Permit
Basic Requirements
Plan Review Questionnaire
Better Process School for Acidified Food Memo
TCA Authority
Sample Application Form

Domestic Kitchen Permit
Domestic Kitchen Rules
Domestic Kitchen Questionnaire
Domestic Kitchen - Home Based Law Amendment
Sample Application Form

Retail Food Permit
Basic Requirements
Retail Request
Sample Application Form

Retail Mobile Food Permit
Farm Based Retail Meat Sales
Retail Plan Questionnaire
Sample Application Form

Retail Mobile Seafood Permit
Retail Plan Questionnaire
Seafood Guidance
Sample Application Form

Other Permits
Sample Commercial Slaughter Application
Sample Vending Machine Application
Sample Egg License Application

Weights and Measures

Serviceperson Application
Serviceperson Agency Application
Weighmaster License Application
Certified Public Weigher License Application

Other Forms

Application: Registration of Farm Names

Apiary Forms, Applications and Permits

Apiary Inspection Request
Apiary Registration Form
Application to Move Honeybees or Used Equipment into TN
Application to Establish an Experimental Apiary in TN
Honeybee Best Management Practices Policy
Honeybee Best Management Practices Agreement
Reporting Movement of Honeybee Colonies for Pollination within TN
Request for Apiary Information
Request to be Placed on Pollinator List for Growers
Request to be Placed on Swarm Removal Services List
Request to be Placed on Structural Honeybee Removal List
Request to be Placed on List to Sell Local Honey and Other Products
Request to be Removed From Any/All Above Lists
Apiary Section Complaint Form