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Tennessee Animal Emergency Assistance Information

All requests for animal care assistance from the state should be directed to local emergency agencies, which will in turn notify the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency through the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).  The SEOC can be reached 24 hours at (615) 741-0001.  Requests from the county are forwarded to the appropriate agency for a response.  When a request for assistance is made, it is evaluated based on the state’s capabilities and availability of resources.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is responsible for providing support for animal care and housing, including coordinating the deployment of qualified relief workers and organizations.  To ensure the safety of the public and animals, only qualified, credentialed workers will be allowed to work in affected areas as directed through the State Emergency Operations Center.

For further information, contact the State Veterinarian's office at (615) 837-5120 or follow the links below.

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