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Sign Program for Agritourism - Specific Serivce Signs (Logo Signs)

Livestock MarketSpecific Service Sign (Logo Signs) provide the traveling public with business identification and directional information for essential motorist services. These signs are located on the interstate.

To qualify for a Logo Sign you must have the following (Check all that apply):

  • Is your operation considered-Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping, or Attraction?
  • If it is considered Attraction continue. Agritourism would be considered Attraction.
  • Have adequate parking for the facility with the minimum of twenty spaces?
  • A year-round operation and open to the public at least five days a week, including at least one day on the weekend.
  • Located not more than fifteen miles from the interstate.
  • Have drinking water suitable for public use and two or more clean public restrooms, with at least one for men and one for women, must be available during all hours the facility is open to the public.
  • Have a working telephone. Open to members of the public of all age groups, and excluding business open only to adults.

If you checked all of above you may qualify for a Logo Sign if the Logo sign is not full. To apply you must fill out an application. You can get an application from:

Law Signs 1-877-907-0036