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Processed Foods

Processed FoodsWhen you think of the food industry in Tennessee, you may think of fresh farm meats and produce, behind these agriculture operations is a huge industry across the state, utilizing state-of-the art equipment to produce, package and distribute food and beverages. Behind every product and technology you use, there is a world of manufacturing. Tennessee has nearly 1,000 registered food manufacturers. Processed foods are altered from their natural state for safety reasons and for convenience using methods such as canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration, and aseptic processing. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) has several programs to assist both the manufacturer and consumer.

Whether the company is a large facility or a small “Mom and Pop” operation, TDA specialists in food safety and food marketing interact with these businesses. The Consumer and Industry Services Division works to insure the integrity of Tennessee manufacturing facilities while offering regulated opportunities to the small entrepreneur to use domestic kitchen facilities for bakery and other non-potentially hazardous foods intended for sale. The Market Development Division assists processed food companies in networking and connecting with wholesale and retail buyers as well as international markets. Pick Tennessee Products is the state branding program that helps consumers identify and choose Tennessee produced and processed products. Consumers can visit our online store and view company listings at

Linda Shelton
Processed & Gourmet Foods
Marketing Specialist

Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Market Development Division
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