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Livestock Feed Storage


Livestock Minimum Requirements
Premises Registration
$10,000 Maximum
Cattle - 100 Head Goats/Sheep - 150 Head
Swine - 100 Head

?BQA - Beef and Dairy
PQA Plus – Swine
Permit – Dairy

Standard 35%
Cost Share

Master 50%
Cost Share

Head of livestock = maximum number of single type, regardless of sex or age, at one time
during the last 12 months.

  • Quotes are not required to request cost share funds
  • Reimbursements will be based on finished project up to maximum amount
  • Reimbursement packet supersedes application information

PROGRAM GOALS: Improve long term feed storage, cost efficiency and feed quality

Application Period:

Reimbursement Deadline:
Dec. 1, 2016
GUIDELINES: use application A to apply - pages 20 - 22 in printed application, application A instructions
Eligible Items
  1. Mixer wagons* and grinder/mixers*­ - equipment directly used to mix and/or grind hay, grain and other supplements for feed
  2. Hay wrappers - machinery used for the wrapping of hay for
    use as haylage
  3. Commodity shed - new structures and additions to existing structures used for storage of bulk raw commodities, including whole grains and
    co-products used in a mixing process to produce feed
    (see page 17 for minimum specifications)
  4. Silage baggers - machinery used for the bagging or debagging of silage
  5. Silos - ground and upright for storage of silage - must have concrete floors and walls
  6. Labor - labor conducted by a contractor, or the supplier for construction of infrastructure and installation of new equipment; reimbursement for labor cannot exceed 30% of total reimbursement - labor provided by the applicant or their employees is not eligible
Dairy Only Items Dairy producers can purchase items 1-11
  1. Stationary milk tanks
  2. Generators for dairy barn
  3. Manure/lagoon pumps
  4. Manure/lagoon agitators
  5. Manure spreaders - liquid/dry
Swine Only Items swine producers can purchase items 1, 12, 13
  1. Generators for swine barn
  2. Feed bin that has a minimum capacity of 4 tons dry and its only
    purpose is for on farm storage of animal feed
Poultry Only Items
Please contact TAEP for additional information.

Only items where (*) is indicated may be new or used. Used items must be:

  • In excellent working condition
  • No excessive rust
  • Functional soundness
  • Reasonable market price
Requirements See Commodity Shed Examples
  1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their project is eligible and meets all TAEP criteria.
  2. Applicants cannot be reimbursed for the same type of equipment or item in two consecutive program years.
Ineligible Items
  1. Feed bins for cattle and goats/sheep, see Livestock Equipment
  2. Bins that will be used for storage of bulk commodities not directly used for feed
  3. Skid steers and attachment implements for existing equipment
  4. Plastic used in bagging or wrapping procedures
  5. Grain elevators or other equipment used to load or unload bins or silos
  6. Grain/gravity wagons
  7. Commodity sheds used for storage of materials other than bulk raw commodities (e.g., hay and commercial mixed feeds)
  8. Renovations of existing structures and equipment
  9. Used equipment and used materials unless otherwise noted
  10. Labor provided by applicant or their employees
  11. Completely enclosed commodity sheds - no more than three exterior walls
  12. Doors - walk through and drive through
  13. Material and labor for the installation of electrical service to equipment
For additional information call 1-800-342-8206 or email


Application A
Premises Registration