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TNSource 45 (TN 45)                     

Increase the value and marketability of Tennessee feeder cattle.
Maximum value can be obtained for pre-conditioned and source identified feeder cattle by marketing truck load lots of uniform and high quality calves. TNSource 45 (TN 45) provides prospective buyers with assurance as to the vaccination program and farm of origin.
FY12-13 Application Period - July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013
Producer Information Form
TNSource 45 is designed to encourage Tennessee producers to increase their marketing opportunities by
participating in both a pre-conditioning program and a source identified program.
  1. A pre-conditioning program consisting of:
    a. A 45 day minimum weaning period where cattle are well adjusted to feed bunks
        and water tanks
    b. Dehorning
    c. Castrating
    d. Two rounds of respiratory vaccinations (1BR, BVD, P13 and BRSV).
        one round of shots must be modified live.
    e. Two rounds of seven or eight way Blackleg
    f.  Treatment for internal and external parasites
  1. The source identified program is a beneficial marketing tool as it provides consumers with the assurance of consistent agricultural products by verifying the source of cattle.
PRODUCERS participating in TN 45 are eligible for $5 per head up to a maximum of $600 per fiscal year, as funds are available.
  1. Applicant must be a Tennessee resident operating a farm in Tennessee
  2. Premises must be registered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture
  3. Current BQA certification
  4. Participate in a documented pre-conditioning program
  5. Sell pre-conditioned cattle in a Source Identified Livestock Sale
Marketing and Reimbursement Requirements - Producers can market Pre-Conditioned and Source identified cattle a variety of ways and receive cost share. Listed below are the marketing methods covered. Participating producers assume responsibility for reimbursement paperwork, unless selling through an approved TN 45 sale hosted by a TN Chartered Livestock Market.
  1. Livestock Market hosting a Pre-Conditioned, & Source identified sale
    a. Livestock Market submits required paperwork on behalf of producer
    b. The $5.00 will be paid through the livestock market as a TAEP market premium added to the     producers's sales receipt showing the credit was from TAEP
    c. Livestock markets holding sales will supply their producers with TN 45 tags
  2. Producers marketing through Private Treaty, Retained Ownership, QSA, or by video:
    a. TN 45 tags can be purchased by contacting: Allflex USA, Inc., Steve Blackburn, 706-554-1993 or     214-912-1993.
    b. Producers must submit the following paperwork for reimbursement:
        • Producer information form
        • List of TN 45 EID (electronic identification) tag numbers
        • Sales Receipt (or initial yard report for producers marketing through retained
           ownership). Sales receipt must include:
            ° Seller’s information (name/address/phone)
            ° Buyer’s information (name/address/phone)
            ° # Head sold
            ° Sale date
    c. For producers marketing through Private Treaty, Retained Ownership, QSA, or by video     reimbursement requests may be submitted any time. They will be processed during the first two     weeks of October, January, March and July.
Ineligible Items
  1. Cattle sold through a general livestock market sale are not eligible for TN 45 reimbursement.
For more information on TN 45, call (615) 837-5120 or email You may also contact the Tennessee Livestock Network, the Tennessee Cattlemen's Association, your local UT Extension office, or local livestock market.